AMP.NATSEM Income and Wealth Report Issue 36 - We can work it out – Australia’s changing workforce

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In recent years we have experienced a global recession that has changed the global labour force with industries closing down, job lay-offs and increasing unemployment. On top of that, in Australia we’ve experienced significant structural and technological change that has seen us move from an agricultural based economy to a service based economy.

In the 36th AMP.NATSEM report we’ve taken a look at the current state of the Australian labour market – what we do, how much we earn, youth unemployment and how we compare internationally. Some occupations from the 1990s no longer exist – we’ve said goodbye to typists and the person running the photocopy room, and hello to computer programmers and mobile phone salespeople. Add to these changes shifts in demographics and gender and an ageing population, the Australian workforce is a fascinating reflection of modern times.


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