Social Inclusion Among Youths Growing Up with a Disability

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This paper examined social inclusion issues among young people with physical or developmental/learning disability using data collected from a cohort of 18-year-old youth - the Youth in Focus (YIF) data. By exploring differences in past experiences, present circumstances and future outlook by the disability status of youth, the research showed that youth with a disability, especially those with a developmental/learning disability had significantly worse outcomes than those with no disability in many aspects. Although there were no significant correlations between disability and disadvantages in most other aspects, some disadvantages such as intensive income support receipt of family were found to be associated with significantly worse outcomes and outlook for youths with disability. Dr. Peng Yu is a senior research analyst at the Research and Analysis Branch of FaHCSIA. He has worked with FaHCSIA data on a number of research topics, including employment transitions of mothers, fertility, mortality, welfare reliance, measurement errors and return to education. He obtained a PhD in Economics from ANU in April 2007. He also has a Master of Philosophy in Development Studies from Cambridge University, an MBA from Beijing University, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Economic Information Management from Renmin University of China. Before commencing his PhD at ANU in 2003, he had been working at the State Development and Planning Commission of China for about 10 years.


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