NATSEM's 20th Anniversary

In 2013 the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling celebrated twenty years of contributing to economic and social policy in Australia.

For twenty years, NATSEM has been a vital source of evidence-based research used to inform and shape economic and social policy across a wide range of public policy domains. The unique modelling capabilities of the centre has made real differences to Australian policy, including among other areas: developing research that has influenced welfare to work and aged pension policies; calculating distributional impacts of tax and social security forms such as the GST and Carbon price; providing evidence around an equal remuneration ruling for community workers throughout Australia; adding new regional dimensions to policy analysis and more recently,our research into avoidable hospital admissions contributing to a Senate inquiry. 

This important milestone was celebrated and marked by a number of events and special research output throughout the year. Two key events were NATSEM’s Inaugural lecture and the International Microsimulation Conference.

1)      Inaugural NATSEM Annual Lecture -  delivered by Dr Andrew Leigh MP - Wednesday 6th March 2013, 5.00 - 7.00pm.

2)      International Microsimulation Association (IMA) Conference, hosted by NATSEM at the University of Canberra from the 11th-13th December 2013.


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