NATSEM specialises in analysing data and producing models so that decision makers have the best possible quantitative information on which to base their decisions.

NATSEM has constructed models and undertaken research across a wide spectrum of social and economic policy including:

  • tax and social security
  • health and aged care
  • ageing populations
  • income and wealth
  • superannuation
  • poverty
  • housing
  • child care
  • labour markets
  • education

NATSEM models are ‘bottom-up’, commencing with individual records of real (but unidentifiable) Australians. This base provides tremendous flexibility, as results can be derived for small subgroups of the population or for all of Australia. NATSEM's new flagship model - STINMOD+ (successor to STINMOD), simulates the Australian taxation and transfer system, where as APPSIM provides important projections of Australia's population. NATSEM has also developed highly specialised spatial modelling capacities, which enable socio-economic data to be generated across small Australian communities (SpatialMSM).