Regional Incomes Revisited: What Happens to Income Distribution After Age 65?

Document Information

Conference Paper

  • Published: September 2004
  • Authors: Simon Kelly and Justine McNamara
  • Conference Title: 2004 ANZRSAI Conference
  • Conference Location: Wollongong, NSW
  • Keywords: distribution and incomes


Regional differences in overall income distributions among Australians are widely acknowledged. In this paper, we examine the extent of these regional differences for working age Australians and whether they persist into old age. Using data provided by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, we describe differences in income distributions between people by state/territory, by level of remoteness and by age (15-64 and 65+). Overall, we found that regional differences in income largely disappear in the 65 and over group, and that regardless of their place of residence, large numbers of older Australians have very low income. Our findings suggest that a substantial majority of older adults in both rural and urban areas are living on an income similar to that provided by the age pension.


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