From Child Welfare to Children's Well-being: The Child Indicators Perspective

Document Information


  • Published: November 2009
  • Author: Asher Ben-Arieh
  • Purpose: NATSEM Seminar series
  • Location: NATSEM, University of Canberra
  • Keywords: children, indicators, welfare and well-being


In this presentation, Dr Ben-Arieh argues that we have witnessed not only a shift from child welfare to child well-being, but have also seen child indicators undergo a dramatic change. Dr Ben-Arieh will argue that, while most of these changes have occurred only in the last 25 years, they are no less dramatic because of it, and they are in line with changes in the broader field of child welfare. The presentation will focus on the major shifts that have occurred and will pay special attention to the emerging use of indices and to the recent interest in local settings. These changes have not occurred in isolation. They are the consequence of the work and efforts of many around the globe. Dr Ben-Arieh has been in the centre of the child indicators movement during the last 20 years, and his presentation will reflect on his experience as well as a drawing on a number of extensive literature reviews and the combined experience of a network of experts.


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