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Preview of file download for 'Estimating small-area Indigenous cultural participation from synthetic survey data'

Publication Date : August, 2015 | Publication Type : Journal Article

Estimating small-area Indigenous cultural participation from synthetic survey data

Yogi Vidyattama, Robert Tanton and Nicholas Biddle

“Environment and Planning A”, pp. 1211-1228

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Preview of file download for 'SAS-NATSEM Household Budget Report, March 2015'

Publication Date : July, 2015 | Publication Type : Report

SAS-NATSEM Household Budget Report, March 2015

Ben Phillips

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SAS-NATSEM Household Budget Report, December 2014

The SAS-NATSEM Household Budget Report is an interactive web-based tool providing national measures of cost of living and standard of living for Australian households. The report broadens the cost of living debate by the inclusion of household incomes into a standard of living index. This quarterly report provides insights into the movement of the cost of living, incomes and the related standard of living for a range of different household types, including income levels, main source of income, renters, mortgagors, family type and states.

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